Emily and The Woods London, England, United Kingdom http://www.myspace.com/emilyswoodmusic/ The Debut EP from Emily and The Woods. Released in January 2010 the EP is now available to download on iTunes.
Emily and The Woods EP - ℗ 2011 Emily and The Woods Released by: Emily and The Woods Release date: Feb 1, 2011 Tracks: 1. Never Play 2. Fire is in the Fjord 3. Nietzsche 4. Virginia Emily Wood vocals, guitar Benedict Wood electric guitar Patrick Wood bass, piano Roy Dodds drums 1_What's the story behind The Woods? "The Woods" are Patrick Wood and Benedict Wood, my Dad and brother and we also play with Roy Dodds on drums. I was interested in, and influenced by music from a young age as my dad is a musician, however, I didn't start properly playing and writing anything until my late teens and it really grew whilst I was away at university. 2_Emily's words & lyrics: fiction or reality? Well, I certainly never lie! My songs are very personal yet I also try and not to be too clear as to what/who I'm referring to.. ambiguity is good sometimes! 3_Who are your favorite songwriters and Folk artists? Joni Mitchell, Bright Eyes, John Martyn, James Taylor, Feist, Radiohead... Sylvia Plath and Dylan Thomas poems. I have lots of favourites! 4_Could you tell us a word about your work with Laura Marling? My demo tracks were recorded with Laura, and she encouraged me to put them on to myspace! 5_What are your other hobbies and interests apart from your music? I love to paint pictures and make things... 6_Who are the actresses that inspired you the most? I used to do a lot of acting when I was younger... in fact I wanted to be an actress for most of my childhood, and have always been really interested in theatre! However, on screen I think Audrey Tatou is one of my favourite actresses; she's just so beautiful! And I was going to say Juliet Binoche, but then it looks like I'm over doing the French thing though I really do think she's fantastic! 7_What recent films have you seen that have touched you the most and why? I saw ' Animal Kingdom' a few weeks ago, and found it both bleak and quite scary but also very moving in a way... I think the performances of such complex characters were amazing! Tour dates: 03-22 London, Greater Lo, GB - The Bedford, Balham 03-26 Newcastle, NEWCASTLE, UNITED KINGDOM - The Big Smoke Session @ Head of Steam NEWCASTLE 03-06 Balham, London, GB - Shuga Buddha @ The Bedford 03-08 London, United Kingdom, MARSHALL ISLANDS - Live and Unamplified @ The Bookclub 06-30 Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM - Blissfields 2011 at The Park, Vicarage Farm, Woodmancott, Winchester, Hants, SO21 3BL